So long…

Sitting in a busy Edinburgh coffee shop, David and I came to the decision that come autumn we shall cease working as Hoptic. We’ll be packing up the office, clearing away the coffee cups and move on to better things.

It wasn’t an easy choice to make, the amount of time and effort we have put in has made it much more than just our job, but we both felt that it was not going in the direction we had hoped and we needed a change. We will take all we have learned and gained from the last 12 months of turning ideas into realities and continue to build upon it in our new work.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us since the start of Hoptic. It’s a cliché but we could never have got as far as this without your help.

About Hoptic

Hoptic was a graphic, web and interactive design studio in Edinburgh. Started in summer 2008, they produced a series of websites, posters, logos, and web resources for businesses and educational institutions. Throughout their work, there was always a strong importance place upon the marriage of both the technical and the artistic. Their aim was to make things that were new, interesting and innovative.